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my hobby英语作文带翻译

  我的爱好:my hobby

  Different people have different hobbies.For example,someone likes reading,someone likes swimming and someone likes collecting and so on.

  I used to read books and draw pictures because by reading books I could learn many funny things.But now I don't like it.I can only learn from books.I couldn't get knowledge from others.I need a change.Traveling is my favorite hobby now.But I can't go traveling a lot.I can visit many different places of interest by traveling.I can learn a lot about people,places and history.It's very interesting.What is your hobby?Let's share each other!

  I have many good friends.They all have their hobbies.Ann studies very hard.So her hobby is book reading.Tony loves labour,and his hobby is gardening.He usually plants flowers and trees in his yard.Judy is a quiet girl.She likes knitting.She always knits some sweaters for her dolls.We have different hobbies,but we are good friends.

  I love traveling.I have great fun in traveling. 我的爱好译文: